Learn More About Being a Training Agent

What is the benefit of becoming a Training Agent?

  • Attract adequate numbers of highly qualified applicants.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce cost of training.
  • Facilitate compliance with Federal and State Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.
  • Improve community relations.
  • Improve employee relations.
  • Ensure availability of related technical instruction.
  • Enhance problem-solving ability of craftworkers.
  • Ensure versatility of craftworkers.

What are my responsibilities as a Training Agent?
There are not a lot of ‘rules’ to being a Training Agent, but they are taken very seriously by Washington State. Here is a largely inclusive list of requirements. We say ‘largely inclusive’ because Washington State changes their requirements from time to time. We will keep this list updated as changes occur.

  • Hire only journeymen licensed by the State of Washington or IEC of Washington apprentices. No trainees may be employed (WAC 296-05-303(4)).
  • Pay apprentices the wage published by IEC of Washington for the level the apprentice as defined by IEC of Washington.
  • Accept Apprentices for employment, as the need arises in my firm, who are selected and referred by IEC of Washington.
  • Support IEC of Washington in providing training by requiring apprentices to attend Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) (200 hours yearly minimum) on a weekly basis as scheduled. Work is not to interfere with the required RSI.
  • Report any change in employment of an apprentice to IEC of Washington on a Change in Status form.
  • Review and approve OJT hours and certified them to be true and correct by the 10th day of the month following each reporting period.
  • Conduct an Apprentice Performance Review of each Apprentice when approving the OJT hours monthly.
  • Submit all Certified Payroll Reports within 3 days of the reporting period to IEC of Washington.
  • Maintain supervision of Construction apprentices at not more than 1 apprentice per journeyman.
  • Maintain supervision of Residential apprentices at not more than 2 apprentices per journeyman.
  • Insure that no employee with an expired, revoked on non-existent license is on any job site.

How do I become a Training Agent?
Becoming a registered Training Agent with IEC of Washington is easy. However, there are some options your company may make which could impact your costs. We encourage you to contact IEC of WA by phoning 425.348.9698 or email, or completing the form below to obtain more information.

If you are ready to join now, simply complete the forms here and return them to IEC of Washington.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you.

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