Benefits for Apprentices

Benefits of Training as an Apprentice
Let’s face it, college is expensive – and not for everyone. People graduating from college today are looking at massive student loan bills for literally decades to come! Apprenticeship is known in Washington as ‘the other 4 year degree’ because in the same amount of time it takes to get your university degree, you could complete your apprenticeship, have four years of experience in your field under your belt, and be recognized as a true asset to your employer and your trade – well on your way to leading your own crew, running a job, or even starting your own company. And the best part? You ‘earn while you learn’ because a major portion of your training is the hands-on portion for which you get paid! Plus, you are not going to owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans when you are done!

If you like working with your hands, the ability to look at your labors and see what you have accomplished – if you want to make your mark and leave a legacy, becoming an apprentice is an outstanding route to take. Look around. Imagine driving through Spokane or Seattle or somewhere in between and seeing all the buildings, street lights, homes, parks, and venues and knowing that you built this one, you helped light up that one. Leave your mark on the world – for generations to come!

Studies have shown that people who complete an apprenticeship earn more money throughout their careers and have far better promotion and growth potential that people in the same trade who elect not to complete an apprenticeship. With increasing demand for skilled trades professionals and their services, many trades professionals earn salaries above the national average income.

  • Exposure. Working with an experienced practitioner in a functioning business can give you exposure to new opportunities, skills, and people very quickly.
  • Experience. The best apprenticeships require a significant amount of hands-on work, which means you’ll get a ton of direct experience in the field in a short amount of time. If you want to master a new craft, there’s no substitute for actually getting your hands dirty.
  • Practice. Doing real work (instead of only theoretical case studies or homework) and practicing skills repeatedly is the only way to develop expertise. Doing so under a master practitioner is the best way to practice efficiently, since the master will be able to share the benefits of their experience, as well as correct mistakes.
  • Low cost quality training.
  • A progressively increasing schedule of wages based on the journeyman hourly wage in the trade. These increases occur with satisfactory progress in both related instruction and on-the-job training until wages reach 85 to 90 percent of the rate paid the journeyman Construction Electrician.
  • Receive an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate recognized nationwide.

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